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Pulchra Oxford Treatment Menu

At Pulchra we offer a wide range of luxurious treatments to suit everyone, including women, men and children. From the moment you step foot inside our tranquil spa, you will be treated to an authentically luxurious experience. Choose from our range of drinks, including tea, coffee, coconut water, Aloe Vera, wine or water, as you await your 100% organic, vegan and paraben free treatment.

A Space for Everyone

Our spa is a place where anyone and everyone can feel comfortable, welcomed and pampered. We have therefore tailored exclusive women’s, men’s and children’s ranges. Our Children’s Manicures and Pedicures will make any little girl or boy feel like a star, perfect for parents wanting to spend a relaxing afternoon out with their child who will leave with some exciting goodies at the end.

For our male visitors, we have selected a range of unique treatments especially for men. Whether you’re indulging in a luxurious deep cleansing facial, or partaking in some grooming with our unisex waxes, we will make sure you leave us feeling refreshed, revitalised and relaxed.


Pulchra Oxford skincare products suitable for all skin types


£ 35

Mini deep cleansing and Pulchra Signature Facial

Deep Cleansing

£ 50

Removes daily dirt build up, excess oils that causes breakouts.

Pulchra Signature Facial

£ 60

Double cleanse, massage, exfoliate, steam & tone facial muscles

Microdermabrasion (Diamond)

from £ 53

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment(s) for face, back & shoulders.


Eyebrow shape

£ 15

Eyebrow Tint

£ 17

Eye Lash Tint

£ 20

Eye Brow Shape & Tint

£ 30

Keratin LVL lash lift & Tint

£ 75

* Patch test required 24 hours prior to appointment*


Exclusive Hot wax and Strip wax used for male waxing.

Ear and Nose

£ 25

Under Arm

£ 22

Chest & Stomach

£ 43

Full Back

£ 45

Full Arm

£ 45

Full Leg

£ 50


Exclusive Vegan Non-toxic luxury nail polish range.

File & Polish

£ 27

Haute Pulchra Manicure & Polish

£ 37

Vitamin Recharge Manicure & Polish

£ 38


Exclusive foot-care range or Dare to bare with the Ultimate Medi-Pedi.

Haute Pulchra Pedicure (Male-Polish optional)

£ 42

Treat your feet customised Pedicure plus Polish

£ 47

Ultimate Medi-Pedi

£ 57

*Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT) & safe for Diabetics*